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Cover of "Thirteen Reasons Why"

Cover of Thirteen Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why I hated 13 Reasons Why

I hate trashing books. I honestly do. I have to on this one because it made me so angry. Not uncomfortable good literature angry, but what is this book teaching kids angry. When did I become that person who cares what happens to the youth of America? I am not sure the answer to that question but I am thinking that this book made me that person.

This review is admittedly more of an open letter to Hannah Baker about this book and why her actions are wrong. Sadly, I can see some teenagers already considering suicide seeing this as a romantic way to avenge themselves. Only, it is not so much vengeance as bullying. Bullying is never fair but it is much worse when it is from beyond the grave. You, Hannah Baker, are a coward and do not deserve to be immortalized in words let alone a movie.

Gripe 1) Can we discuss that the main character commits suicide and the school makes no big deal about it. There aren’t like psychologists on staff helping them through this. In this age, schools are so completely safety and emotionally conscious of their students.

Gripe 2) If you want to kill yourself. Fine. I think it is selfish, but that is your prerogative. What is not ok, is to blame every single person around you, including someone you admit did NOTHING. I am looking you at Hannah Baker.

Gripe 3) So not only have you killed yourself and forced the individuals you blame for this to listen to your tapes about why they are to blame, but you never give a tape to the individual who did the worse thing in the ENTIRE BOOK.

Gripe 4) It’s ok for you to blame a girl for thinking she stole your boyfriend, but that same girl gets raped and you let it happen and YOU STILL PUT IT ON THE TAPES and still send her those tapes? Oh and she didn’t know she was raped so you broke that to from the grave on a cassette tape. Now not only did she find out she was raped from a dead chick, but also now everyone else knows she got raped and you ask that they don’t tell the cops?!? Who are you to say that? (Gripe 5).

Gripe 6) Clay Jensen did nothing to you. NOTHING. Is it ok to have him vomiting from emotion and forever be scarred by your voice from the grave.

Gripe 7) Mr. Porter truly seemed to want to help you and you did not give him an opportunity. He didn’t run after you, but maybe he was calling for help or your parents. Remember, he wasn’t the real guidance counselor but the english teacher. You already made up your mind, Hannah Baker.

Gripe 8) You put Justin on the list twice, once because he exaggerated a romantic encounter with you but a second time because he let Jessica get raped. You were in the closet and let it happen, how you do you blame him for what you did too!

Gripe 9) You blame Courtney twice as well. The first time because she wanted to use you to get to a party, this does not necessitate ruining someone’s life. It truly doesn’t. The second because she got out of the hot tub, which was something you were not smart enough to do and YOU KNEW what was going to happen (Gripe 10).

Gripe 11) The random kid who you gave the tapes too, why involve him? He did nothing wrong, same with your parents (Gripe 12).

Gripe 13) Alex said you had a nice ass but what did he really do to hurt you. Yes, it caused some things but everything ANYONE does causes a reaction. That is life. Yes life is hard but that doesn’t mean we can all just give up for no reason. Did you ever think your actions are bullying and that they may cause some of the people on the tapes to kill themselves? That you ruined lives? That’s bullying only no one can stand up to you.


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