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Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a psychology and english major has some serious advantages, especially when it comes to reading. So what better book is there to read than a book about a Sociopath that is actually decently written?

M.E. Thomas is a female sociopath and this book really looks at different aspects of her life and how she navigates life as a sociopath. We quickly learn there is a cultural difference between psychopaths and sociopaths. Sociopaths actually can follow the rules and are rarely violent. They are capable of love (though their love is selfish), highly successful (it is thought that many CEOs are actually sociopaths), and quite intelligent. I realized after reading this book and doing some research that I have a sociopath in my life, my sister.

All joking aside, reading this book I truly did feel like I was partially reading about my sister. Selfish. Successful (she did get my brother-in-law to be a success), she can be charismatic and loveable when she chooses, she likes relationships on her terms, she thinks of herself first, she loves albeit selfishly, she is not truly empathetic and rarely shows grief. That said she is one of my favorite humans on the planet and no one can make me laugh like my sister but after reading Thomas’ book, I think I have an understanding of my sister and why she is the way she is. I think it actually makes it easier to love her too.

M.E. Thomas books part memoir, part cultural study, part scientific observations is a great read and incredibly fascinating, even if you do not have a loved one with this condition. I think with shows like Criminal Minds and CSI we think of sociopaths as violent killers or Dexter’s. There really is more to them though. They can love and they can be the best to love you because they have a good sense of loyalty and they have the ability, if they choose to exercise it, to be the most fun people to hang around. While they lack empathy they have a very straight forward sense of justice. They think with their heads and not their hearts. Probably the person I would want defending me in court or sitting on the jury when it came time to decide if I was going to be sent to jail or not. They are real people. They still have feelings, those feelings just do not dominate them like they do “normal” people or empaths.

It is definitely work a worth reading if you are looking to get outside of your comfort zone and learn about a group of individuals who gets badly misrepresented or if you just need something fascinating to read.


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